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Spending our final days of the year in Marrakech to do an elopement was a really unique and exciting experience.

Marrakech is a city that wakes up as the sun rises: the songs of call to prayer from the minarets, the shops opening, the crowds full of people from numerous different countries, all of this makes Marrakech a city that never sleeps. Niccolò and Viola are husband and wife, and also an adventurous couple that loves discovering the world. We met them three years ago and they shared this beautiful experience in Morocco with us.

WAVE Marrakech lights

First day of elopement in Marrakech: photos and videos among souks, greenhouses and gardens

We started our shoot in the crowed souks, the local city markets. Hundreds of small shops surprise you thanks to the penetrating scent of spices, the colourful and finely crafted dishes and fabrics, and the contrast between light and shade created by the lamps and sunrays filtering in through the ceiling.

After visiting the souks, we headed to another wonderful place in Marrakech, the Beldi Country Club, where we found a beautiful greenhouse full of plants. In there we were able to enjoy a very relaxing atmosphere, also thanks to the sweet melody coming from a piano, which helped to inspire the creation of our videos and photos. We then used the reflection of light on the glass and the lush vegetation as a background.

At sunset we went to one of the destinations we most wanted to visit in Marrakech: the stylist Yves Saint Laurent’s house and gardens. The colour blue stood out among the colourful flowers and the dense bamboo. We were inspired to take some photos and video scenes by the rays of light that were filtering through the bamboo: the backlight and the affinity between Viola and Niccolò made the shoot a romantic and entertaining moment.

WAVE Shooting in Marrakech MedinaWAVE Shooting Marrakech detail lightWAVE Beldi Country club MarrakechWAVE Shooting in Marrakech Viola WAVE Shooting Marrakech MosaicoWAVE Shooting in Marrakech Jardin MajorelleWAVE Shooting in Marrakech Love Sunset

Second day of elopement in Marrakech: among alleys and roofs

The second day of shoot was also full of emotions and discoveries. We found secret gardens, oases of peace hidden in the midst of the numerous alleys coloured in red, and shops that from the outside seemed just small boutiques, but which were actually places full of treasures.

It was a magic experience, which we shared with a beautiful and loved-up couple. The last sunset on a terrace allowed us to enjoy a unique atmosphere, which helped us to become even more familiar with the intense and exotic spirit of Marrakech. The sun setting on the city and the intense looks that Viola and Niccolò exchanged made the last hours of our shoot in Marrakech one of the most wonderful moments we had shared with them.

This experience in Marrakech was special for us. It has not been merely our first shoot outside of Europe, but it helped us to understand that this is what we want to do with our life: knowing, discovering, embarking on many adventures and sharing with other people the magic of an adventurous love.


WAVE Shooting in Marrakech marketsWAVE Marrakech Smile WAVE Marrakech perspectiveWAVE Marrakech kissMarrakech KissWAVE Marrakech street kidsWAVE Shooting Marrakech rooftop rihadShooting in Marrakech LoveWAVE Elopement in MarrakechSunset in Marrakech WAVE Sun of Morocco WAVE

Découverte – Elopement in Marrakech video here

Locations: Beldi Country Club, Jardin Majorelle, Ksar Kasbah