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An elopement in Scotland can be an experience that you will never forget.
This is what happened to Lisa and Joe, the main characters of this adventure in the Highlands.
We had the pleasure to tell this beautiful moment because we created their elopement film, and now we’re going to tell you the story of their “crazy wedding”, their wild and very romantic elopement in Scotland.
If you want to know more about their trip because you’re thinking to elope in Scotland too, this can be an inspiration for your future adventure. Otherwise, let’s get involved in their Scottish trip and enjoy your reading!

Scotland wild landscapes

We immediately fell in love with the Scottish mood: it’s cinematic, it’s “heartbreaking”, intense and emotional.
Far from the cities, the wild moorland surrounds you. The clouds touch mountains and hills. The wind makes everything epic.
While we were working for this elopement, we crossed Scotland many times to go to different locations.
We drove on dirt roads and deep in the middle of nowhere. We drove through typical villages, through forests, past lakes and rivers. One night we almost got lost but luckily Ale has a great sense of direction!
On our last day in Scotland, we also visited Edinburgh and it was very beautiful to discover this old and gothic city, even if for a little time.
We’re very happy to work in this magic country.

First day: shooting in Glencoe

Lisa and Joe’s adventure was split into two days. The first one was dedicated to their couple shooting in an amazing location: Glencoe.
We like to spend more days with the couple because it allows us to know more about them, and to take more beautiful scenes in different breathtaking locations. All of this makes the elopement film really unique, personal, emotional and beautiful.
We started the shooting near a little river and waterfall. We “played” with water and reflections, while we were very careful not to slip into the river…rocks were very slippery!
Then we went to other hidden corners of the Glencoe area, like a very old wall and a suggestive road in the middle of the hills.

Emotions, moments and moving words of this special elopement in Scotland

On the 13th of October, the day of this intimate elopement wedding, we woke up very early to get ready for Lisa and Joe’s special day.
We drove on an isolated road, through Alladale Reserve, in the north of Scottish land.
Looking out the window we saw the landscape change: we passed small villages, isolated houses, valleys, and woods green and red for trees and ferns. We met deer and sheep (a must-have in Scotland).

We reached the cottage where Lisa and Joe were getting ready, called “Eagle’s crag”. We immediately liked it and loved the atmosphere: warm and cozy.

After their getting ready moment, we got into the jeep and drove off towards the valley where the couple would be getting married.
Lisa and Joe pronunciated moving words under the rain, (I don’t want to spoil it, you can look at their film “Move the earth” if you would like to hear their words) while two bagpipe musicians play typical melodies.
After the ceremony, we went back to Eagle’s crag to have lunch all together: everyone was very happy and we had a beautiful time.
Then we leave for shooting with Lisa and Joe, and I’m not afraid to say that it was incredible: we loved the mood, the unusual location, the intimacy and connection of the two lovers. It was fun and very creative, adventurous. Also, there was a lot of wind and, as I said before, it made everything epic (and cold, that’s why we brought a blanket for the bride)!

This was our first elopement in Scotland and It’s special for us.
We can’t wait to live this experience with new people and in a new way.

Adventures like this have the power to connect different persons from all around the world and to create new friends.
We also want to say thanks to the amazing team that participated in this wild and romantic elopement in Scotland.


Filmmakers: WAVE

Wedding Planner: ELLA MAI

Photographer: THE FERROS


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