Letter to WAVE filmmakers of the past WE ARE WAVE

Wedding Videographers

Hi! We are Alessandra and Simone, nice to meet you.

We are a couple of young videographers and together we founded WAVE.
We share a big passion for Cinema and video production, interests that have united us and inspired us to collaborate.

Together we have turned this passion into the job we love, becoming wedding videographers.

Through our artistic wedding videos, we give you an original and powerful perspective on the wedding ceremony and your life together.

We capture the sparkle in your eyes, the heartbeats, the smiles and the most eloquent expressions to tell the delicate and yet emotional power of your love, in all its nuances.

The use of lighting and special shots, dynamic editing and the addition of voice-over and sound effects enrich our language with unique and exciting notes.

We live in beautiful Italy, but we love to travel, discovering new places and living new adventures, even better if they take us to destinations not too touristy.

We let ourselves be inspired by what surrounds us, by the world of experimental cinema, art, music and literature, in order to find the most creative ideas and suggestions to represent your story.


we love

Because of our passion for cinema, we like to invent stories and tell them by shooting independent short films or developing them by writing screenplays. Our biggest dream is, in fact, to work in the film industry.

Also thanks to this dream of ours we have developed a very personal approach to telling love stories and filming couple videos.

We also like to work on the creation of commercial spots, especially taking care of the storytelling and the aesthetic and visual part.

We post videos on YouTube talking about the look of some movies we liked, that impressed or intrigued us, and bringing in various other topics.

In early 2021 we released 10 video lessons dedicated to aspiring filmmakers or videomakers, with some practical and useful lessons we’ve learned over the years.



What is

your story?