Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life.

But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.


Robbie Williams, “Dead Poet Society”

We are Wave, Alessandra and Simone, passionate destination wedding videographers.

Hi! We are a couple of young videographers who live in Italy. We share our love and passion for creating destination wedding films and elopement video. More than anything else, we love travelling to beautiful places that are the backdrop for your vows and we love experiencing this unforgettable event with you.

We offer you a unique and wondrous perspective of the wedding ceremony and your relationship through our artistic videos. We capture every little spark that ignites your eyes, your beating hearts, your smiles and your body language to recount the delicate and yet passionate strength of your love, in all its nuances. We take inspiration from the world of experimental cinema, art, music and literature to unleash our creativity and find that something special that embodies your love story.

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The world of videos has always fascinated me since I was a child, thanks especially to my father, who never put his camera down. My passion has become my job, and I feel honored for this. When I shoot a wedding video or a couple’s video with Simone, I feel free to express myself and to share this happiness with other people. I love discovering new places around the world and living new adventures. I lived my first great adventure in Kenya, and I left my heart there in Africa. I love the wind, the nature and my family. I love meeting positive and passionate dreamers.

As soon as I discover a new movie director who impresses me, fascinates me and inspires me, I can’t help but watch all their filmography. I love learning new things and opening my mind, as well as experimenting and creating. I believe that videos have a very powerful and expressive force, which is able to communicate strong and unique emotions.
This is the reason why I love this job. I feel free and happy exchanging opinions and creating wedding videos and portrait videos with Alessandra; these are feelings I can’t explain thorough words. Actually, I’ve never been good with words, and this is why music, sound and moving image have become my way to express myself.


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