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A beautiful adventure in the mountains

At the beginning of this new year we were thinking about creating something new for all the bridal couples who would love to have an emotional and personalized video.

That’s why we conceived the Harmony Pack and the Experience Pack. In these two packages an extra shooting is included. Not only will the couple have the video of the wedding day, but also the opportunity to take part in a special shooting session. This consists of some photos and a video shoot, taken in a wonderful location that represents them and their passions.

Thanks to the Harmony and Experience pack, the final video is not a simple wedding reportage anymore; it portrays the story of the couple in a particular and intimate way.


Sunrise in the Dolomites

Nicole and Filippo chose the Harmony pack. They were looking for a video that would capture their personalities, their passions and their traditions. So, our adventure in the Dolomites began!
Nicole and Filippo share a long tradition: they love staring at the sunrise together in the Dolomites, at least once a year. For them, it’s a very meaningful moment and they wanted it to be portrayed in their wedding video as something that symbolizes their relation.

The day of the shooting, we left at 4 a.m. in order to share with them this tradition and to shoot it for the video. The atmosphere was magic. The sun was rising, and its rays were reflecting on the white brilliant snow, a cold breeze was blowing around us. Nicole and Filippo were cuddling and looking at each other in the eyes. They felt at home.

That’s how a Sunday morning turned out to be an intense and remarkable experience.

We captured unforgettable instants for them, a suggestive and intense moment in the stunning Dolomite’s landscape, that they will remember forever.


WAVE Dolomites sunriseWAVE sunrise Nicole FilippoWAVE Shooting DolomitesWAVE Dolomites couple shooting sunriseWAVE Dolomites NicoleWAVE Couple shooting in the Dolomites Almost kissWAVE Dolomites heand in heandWAVE Shooting in the Dolomites sun detailWAVE Shooting Dolomites Italy

Thanks to Nicole and Filippo for this incredible adventure.

Photo and video: WAVE Wedding Videographers