Dicembre 23, 2020

4 Movies that have inspired me this particular year

Today is my birthday, and I thought I'd share something about me with you, like Alessandra did back in July. I didn't want to stray from the topic of cinema,…
Ottobre 28, 2020

4 modern Thriller/Horror movies for an anxious Halloween

For Halloween, we have selected some contemporary Thriller/Horror movies that impressed us for different reasons. They all come from the work of independent filmmakers and in our opinion they really…
Settembre 24, 2020

The single shot, the differences of the long take, and its effects in the viewer

We've been wanting to share one of our favorite film techniques with you for a long time, and finally it's time to talk about the single shot.  What is it?…
Una giornata particolare terrazza WAVEInspiration
Luglio 29, 2020

Four love stories that have made me dream

Today is a special day for me because... today is my birthday! Every year, on July 29th, I think about everything that makes my life special and for 5 years…
Il grandangolo nel cinema: The tree of lifeInspiration
Giugno 3, 2020

The wide angle lens in cinema: a lens that can’t be missed

The choice of lenses to be used during the filming phase is studied precisely. This is because each lens, even if sometimes we don't realise it, has characteristics that generate…
Aprile 22, 2020

Filming with Natural light: a great cinematographic art

Light is the most important element of all in the world of videomaking. Many directors and videographers, thanks to optimal and creative use of light, have been able to create…
Marzo 25, 2020

Inspiration is everything: which is our favourite source? Cinema

Observe, open your mind, study and be creative. Inspiration is a key element when you have artistic work like ours. Being wedding videographers has led us to be constantly on…