Episode 1

How to direct actors and models in the best way

The projects that absolutely fascinate us the most are those in which the subjects are people, whether they are models, actors or people who lend themselves to collaborate in an artistic project.
When you work, and then you go to film people, it’s important to know how to interact with them, in order to get the best possible performance.
Here are our tips to relate in the best way with the people in front of the camera.

1. Know who is in front of you and introduce him to the mood of the scenes you want to create.

Trying to create a relationship with the person you are going to film is important, whether it is a model, a married couple, an actor. This promotes communication and helps to create an atmosphere of mutual trust that will encourage all participants in the project to do their best.
It is equally important to introduce to the subject what you want to do and the atmosphere you want to recreate in the scene to be filmed. In this way it will be clear the common goal for the whole team, and it will become easier to reach it, because everyone is pointing in the same direction.

2. Words are important.

The words you use are important, so you need to know how to use them best. In fact, what you say always has an effect on the people who listen, which can be negative or positive. Saying to the model “No you don’t look good this way” or saying “I don’t like it this way, it’s wrong” is very negative, because it creates discomfort and stress. It’ s better to propose new solutions to the subject and not to highlight the mistakes in a negative way, in order to get the best performance.

3. Do not touch too much!

It is better not to drag, move, touch too much the subject you are going to film. People are not puppets and touching them to change their pose or position often only leads to more rigidity.
Our advice is to prefer verbal communication.

4. Give feedback.

Whenever possible, it is important to give feedback to people in front of the camera. Positive feedback helps to keep the mood up and therefore the subject will be more proactive and involved in the scene. A little advice: ask the models not to look at you when you give them directions, so as not to interrupt what you are filming when you speak: we guarantee that the result will be better!

Let us know in the comments if you have other advice to better relate to the people in front of the camera.
See you next episode!

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