Episode 2

The Treatment: what is it and how to make it

Today we’re going to talk about an important element to make spots and videos, the treatment.

1.What is a treatment?

The treatment is a document that describes in detail a video production project, which is shared with all collaborators working on the project.
This document describes the structure of the video, the themes, the mood board, the references, the crew, and so on.

2.What is the treatment for?

A treatment serves to give a precise idea of what you want to create so that you don’t arrive on the set without knowing what to do. It’s of fundamental importance that each person working on the project has in mind what is to be done. In this way each person will do his or her job to reach the same goal, ensuring a great result.
Thanks to the treatment you also have a clear idea about all the material you need and the timing to realize the project. It is a really essential document for the organization.

3.What are the different parts of the treatment?

The treatment lists several points, some related to the structure of the story and the project, others dedicated to the image, the aesthetic elements of the video, others even more technical and concerning the equipment to be used.

So, the parts of the treatment are:

  1. The subject: It is a summary of the story, of the idea on which the project is based.
  2. Acts: Describe in how many acts will be divided the structure of the project and what will happen within each of them. It is also important to specify the style of the direction and photography of each act.
  3. Themes, messages and colors: This part describes which themes will be treated in the video and what we want to communicate. In addition, it presents the color palette of the project and the motivation for this choice.
  4. Moodboard: The moodboard is like a blank page where you add inspiring images for the visual look of the product: they can be pictures, photographs, frames of films or other videos, sentences, etc.
  5. Reference: this part is always dedicated to the sources of inspiration. In fact, within it are added the videos (for example commercial spots, documentaries, music videos) to be used as references. A bit like the moodboard but with moving images.
  6. Crew: the list of who will work within the project and its occupation and role.
  7. Locations: where will the shots be taken and why?
  8. Equipment: describe which equipment you want to use and why.
Check out our Treatment template to use as reference. You can take inspiration and personalize it.

Have you ever organized a project through a treatment? In your opinion what useful points could be added? Let us know in the comment!

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