Episode 3

The importance of collaboration

In our experience it was just when we opened our minds and met other professionals during our work projects, workshop or in many other occasions, photographers and videographers mainly, that we started to improve ourselves exponentially, improving our technical, creative and imprenditorial skills. In this way we learned how is important to collaborate.

Learning is the key to getting better every day.

Every person you meet can be a source of personal and professional enrichment. Every person has an history, has had to face problems and has found solutions to some of them. This means that by working with other people, you have the opportunity to learn new knowledge and perhaps solutions to problems that may arise. I am not only talking about solutions to technical difficulties, but above all strategic and business difficulties: it is not always easy to find solutions to these types of problems or challenges, so the meeting with other professionals is really precious. This means improving.
It’s also important to put ourselves at the service of other people: someone once said that it is when you start giving without any interest that you receive 10 times as much. This encourages teamwork.

Teamwork wins.

In a united and trusted team, each person is more disposed to do their best and to specialize and improve their technical and creative skills. This leads to great results for everyone.
Having one or more trusted collaborators makes the job easier for everyone, because everyone has their own task and focuses on their work. And so things are done better. You move away from the figure of the operator who has to think about everything by himself, understanding how important teamwork is in this industry.

More contacts bring more concrete help in business.

Knowing professionals and collaborating with other people offers concrete benefits: you can confront yourself when doubts or important decisions arise, and have more valuable opinions. Knowing more people also means having more opportunities to collaborate on other people’s projects or to receive more work engagements.

Write us your opinions on the choice to collaborate or not to collaborate with other people. Have you already work in big production, collaborating with other professionals? How was your experience?


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