Episode 5

How to prepare a contract for your customers

The contract is a fundamental document for every freelancer, not only for photographers and videomakers. The contract is the document where everything concerning the commission of a specific service is specified. It describes the service that the freelancer performs for his client, and serves to protect both parts.
Why is it so important and which are good-contract-features?

Personality and Professionality.

In addition to its characteristic function, a good contract, both in terms of content and aesthetics, conveys a sense of greater professionalism. It is important, therefore, to pay attention to the details and aesthetics of the brand it represents, such as the logo, the structure, and the font.

The parts of a contract

It’s not too important the number of pages, but what the contract contains.
A good contract must have the following parts in it:
a. Personal data and contact details of the service provider (professional to whom the service is required) and the client (who engages the provider): name, surname, company name, VAT or CF (in Italy), address, telephone number, and email;
b. The service or package chosen by the client;
c. The final value of the service, i.e. the price, and any surcharges (e.g. expenses, travel, equipment rental, etc.);
d. The method of payment and rates;
e. The service details and the clauses. (Delivery period, the value of extra hours not agreed, method of delivery of the work, possibility or not of publication of the work…);
f. The conditions of withdrawal (the cancellation of the service before its completion) both by the service provider and the client, any penalties, and how to communicate the cancellation;
g. Information on the processing of personal data, a point that has become fundamental especially in recent years.

The extra document with service details

It’s not always essential to include in the contract all the details of the service, such as customer preferences or technical notes.
You can prepare an extra document where you can specify this and other additional information. It is up to you to choose according to your preferences.
In some cases, this extra document can be the treatment.

Contact other professionals to…

For the drafting of some parts of the contract, we recommend you to rely on some professionals.
Write a draft contract that you will then modify according to the work/service/engagement that you are going to carry out is something that you can do on your own, but with great care.
It is recommended instead to contact a lawyer for its revision, and for the drafting of the part dedicated to the processing of personal data, a very delicate part. The opinion of an expert will make you feel better.
When you also work for international clients (or if you have the intention to do so), another professional who is important to involve is a translator. This way you will have a version of the contract dedicated to international clients that is valid and that does not risk being unclear or ineffective due to an untreated translation.

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