Episode 7

4 skills for a great customer management

There are so many ways of thinking related to customer management: there are those who say that the customer is always right or those who adopt the expression “take it or leave it”.
We don’t have the definitive answer, we don’t have the secret to establish the perfect relationship with the customer but we are here to give you 4 tips to improve it.

We’re going to talk about 4 points to build a great relationship with your customers.

A clear communication

First of all you have to train clear communication, both when talking about your brand identity and to give simple indications about your service. Be clear in every channel: verbal, non-verbal, in the website, in the text of emails, even in messages, it is important that what we want to say is clear, not misunderstood. The client in this way immediately understands who you are, what you do, and what you can do for him.
Taking care of this aspect helps to reduce misunderstandings. On the contrary, communicating confusingly generates a client’s lack of trust, which will then pass to someone else.

Assertive listening

The ability to listen is something very precious.
Pay attention to what your client wants to communicate to you and listen to his requests, his doubts, his needs without prejudice is fundamental. In this way, first of all, you will immediately understand if your service is right for him, if it is what he is looking for and what you are looking for in a potential client. And then you will be able to propose to him what comes closest to his needs, which is a big step forward in the negotiation.


Knowing how to organize is the basis of everything. Being organized and trying to control everything related to your work, including documents with information about clients and their engagements (such as contracts, treatment, project presentations), helps you to be more efficient, faster, professional and prepared. All this is also appreciated by clients, who will understand that they can rely more on you, your brand, your service.


Unfortunately, everything does not always go according to plan, and some problems can always emerge in the work, even if you have been very careful. And it’s on these occasions that your problem-solving ability must arise, the ability to understand what went wrong and solve the situation. In fact, when you become better and better at handling these uncomfortable situations and you manage to find the light at the end of the tunnel, often the customer remains even more satisfied and happens to retain even more loyalty. So don’t get discouraged by problems, always try to turn them into opportunities!

These are in our opinion 4 very important features for optimal customer management. Please let us know in the comments what other skills you think are needed in addition to these.

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