Episode 9

What to include in a filmmaker’s portfolio website

Every freelancer who works with art must have a curated portfolio that is consistent with the image he wants to show of his work.

The personal portfolio is an element that if studied in the best possible way, can help a lot in the work and in the brand identity reputation.
How to create an optimal portfolio website, with all the elements that make it up?

The elements of a great portfolio website for a videomaker

  1. Profile photo: it is important to give a face to the name, but don’t use just any photo. Call a photographer to take some pictures, studying with him a mood that is consistent with your portfolio and with what you want to communicate about yourself: a picture is worth more than 1000 words.
  2. The presentation text: write who you are and what you do, but most of all it is important to write your why. Why do you do what you do? Why should a person choose your service? How are you different? Sometimes it’s not easy to find the answer to these questions, but once you have found it and written it down in your presentation, you will communicate even more what you can give.
  3.  Portfolio: the most important part of the website, the one that all potential clients look at. It’s important that there is a list of specific works that you have done, with some information or a caption that describes them. It’s equally important, however, to include a Showreel (a short video that combines your best scenes) which in one or a few minutes makes it clear what you can do. The showreel is essential because it’s the quickest way for a client to get a preview of what they can get from your work, and your best chance to make your mark.
  4. Contacts: give the opportunity to contact you in a simple and clear way, writing all the information and contact details you consider useful and necessary.
  5. External links: insert external links that guide the visitor of the portfolio to your social networks, blog, channels only if they are equally well cared for and useful.
  6. Reviews: you can insert reviews that clients and collaborators have left you. These are among the elements that most generate trust in potential customers.

This was the list of elements fundamental to create a great website portfolio. The theme and graphics of the site should be in line with everything you want to convey and who you are. Follow your tastes so that everything is even more authentic. Take care of every detail! It really makes a difference.

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