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Today is a special day for me because… today is my birthday!
Every year, on July 29th, I think about everything that makes my life special and for 5 years Simone has been at the top of the list. With him I share many passions and the wonderful adventure that is WAVE, an experience that has made us grow a lot as artists, as persons and also as a couple.

I like to see how love between two people is told in films and that’s how I got the idea to write this article.
It’s not always about stories with a happy ending, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth knowing. In fact, there are many and powerful messages they convey.
Here are 4 love stories that struck me, touched me, and made me dream.
PS: there will be spoilers, watch out!

“La La Land”, Damiene Chazelle

I’ll never forget what it felt like to leave the cinema after seeing this film. I was happy and ecstatic about the wonderful story of Sebastian and Mia. I liked everything about this film: colours, choreography, direction, photography, soundtrack, acting, history. Everything.
The protagonists chase their dreams with passion, growing together until they have to give up everything to reach them.
What we are offered is a setting that is very much reminiscent of the Hollywood of the 40s, where the musical depopulated. The atmosphere, characterized by very bright and saturated colours, gives us an idea of a “dream”, which is mainly linked to Mia’s character. On the contrary, Sebastian’s imagery is more “simple”, even the colours in his case are softer.
This contrast, along with many others, during the course of the film will make their story unique.

“Phantom Thread”, Paul Thomas Anderson

The story is about a stylist who