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We love making wedding videos in Tuscany because we fell madly in love with this land. Many people are enchanted by the region of Tuscany and this is why many couples choose it as the location for their wedding. The growth has been such that this Italian region has become the first in the ranking for the number of destination weddings that are celebrated here every year.
But how can you get a perfect video of your wedding in Tuscany?
Here are our 5 best tips for couples who want the best for their big day.

5 Tips to get a great wedding video in Tuscany

1. Choose videographers who are masters of the trade

The first piece of advice we give you to get a unique video of your wedding in Tuscany is… rely on a professional wedding videographer.
Asking wedding videographers to make your movie is the best starting point to get a wonderful wedding video. The professional in fact knows how to move, has the right equipment but above all has the creativity and experience necessary to make a great and unforgettable work. Discover your favorite style, find someone you trust and build with him the most precious memory of your wedding.

2. Creativity is the keyword

Simone and I love to meet couples who choose originality and creativity as characteristics of their relationship and therefore of their marriage. Elopement, Destination wedding, every event can have what it takes to be unique and personalized, which follows the tastes of the bride and groom and does not fall into the banal.
And when a wedding chooses to be unique, then the video can only reflect that.

Wedding video Tuscany: walk on the hill

3. Extra scenes in the wonderful Tuscan lands

To have a great wedding video in Tuscany it is necessary to show and exalt this land. From the beauty of the typical hilly landscape to the beautiful cities, showing this special location in the video will surely make it even more beautiful.
So it is important to choose a videographer who can create panoramic scenes of the Tuscan lands, who knows how to capture the wonders, the details and who can combine them with creativity in the video.
A service that we highly recommend is the realization of a pre or post-wedding shooting with the couple, right in this location. With this service the wedding videographer will record extra scenes with the bride and groom, scenes that will further enrich the film and make it even more personal.
Who wouldn’t want to look at themselves surrounded by the beauty of such a magical land? During a city tour, a walk in the hills, a visit to San Galgano or other wonderful sites that characterize Tuscany.

4. Being inspired by art

This advice is dedicated to couples, videographers and all wedding artists. The ancient Tuscan cities are rich in art. Squares, statues, buildings and museums have long been able to enchant the eyes of those who visit them and those who live there.
For this reason, in our opinion, in order to have a beautiful wedding and a beautiful wedding video in Tuscany, it is important that art is also part of it.
Be inspired by the colors, shapes, works of art can only make your wedding more elegant, exclusive and powerfull. From the setting to the style of the event, art can influence every aspect of the wedding, making your wedding video special too.

5. Have fun.

More than anything, have fun.
Enjoy the experience of your wedding to the fullest. Living these moments to the full will lead to the creation of memories full of emotion, joy and love, memories that will be immortalized forever in your wedding video in Tuscany. So trust your videographer and compare yourself, express your needs and tell him your passions and your desires. In this way you will realize something that will be really built to measure.

Getting in tune with couples who choose Tuscany as the background for their wedding vows, listening to their wishes and getting to know their expectations, allows us to dream together that long-awaited moment.
Narrating their incredible stories through artistic and curated wedding videos is something that will never tire us and that will never limit our creativity.
Do you also dream of getting married in this magical land?
For us to return to Tuscany is always a great gift, because we have many beautiful memories related to this region. For example when we made the video of the Elopement wedding by Ilaria and Tommaso: what a beautiful adventure!

Wedding video in Tuscany Ilaria and Tommaso WAVE filmmakers

If you are curious to see SOUL, our Elopement wedding video in Tuscany click on the image.

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