“We don’t have to understand in order to love.

What is needed is to dream“.


David Lynch

Imagine a wedding video that can capture every meaningful moment of your weeding and combine them together from an artistic and poetic point of view, adding emotions to the emotions.

Our visual language

The story of your wedding is made by using a cinematographic artistic style. Behind every film there is a masterful editing process during which nothing is left to chance.

Two filmmakers will always be there to ensure you the highest quality of the images, no matter which pack you choose. Aerial shots made with the drone, additional voice over and extra texts provide further meanings to the story and make it even more poetical.

Sound & music

Speeches, sound effects and background music: every sound is perfectly merged with the images and they altogether go along with the emotions awaken by the video.

WAVE trailer wedding


The trailer briefly shows all the emotions of your wedding day in an artistic video of 2 or 3 minutes, without losing any feeling. If you choose the Harmony Pack or the Experience Pack, then the trailer will also include some images of the couple and of your love story’s details.

WAVE film wedding


Your wedding film narrates one of the most special moment of your lives from an original point of view, combining images and sound fragments in an intimate and suggestive story. The film will also include some aspects of your personal story as a couple and of your life together, but only if you choose the Harmony Pack or the Experience Pack. Film length will depend on the package you choose, the kind of event and the number of speeches that will take place on your wedding day.

Our options for your wedding video

WAVE wedding pack



Wedding film

2 filmmakers

WAVE Harmony pack



Harmony film

2 filmmakers

Portrait shooting session
before the wedding day

WAVE experience pack



Experience film

2 filmmakers

Portrait shooting session
before the wedding day

Portrait shooting session
after the wedding day

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WAVE wedding pack description We will focus exclusively on the wedding day, collecting the most intense and emotional moments of the day in a trailer and a film. Wedding pack

WAVE harmony pack description With this pack you will be able to create a whole narrative journey through the most representative aspects of your personalities with our complete support. The video will be realized during the whole ceremony and will also include some moments filmed before the wedding, choosing the locations that have a special meaning to you. The video will be made more personal taking inspiration from your passions (music, art, literature, theatre, etc.). Harmony pack

An immersive experience, a journey during which we will develop a special and unique representation of your love story. Two different shooting moments will be held, one before and one after the ceremony, in the locations you will choose, and you will also have the opportunity to wear again your wedding dresses. The focus will be on your journey together, and especially on the deep authentic connection between you two.
These videos will be added to the final film of the wedding for an even more stunning result.
Experience pack

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