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Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it? 

It is with our favorite language, that of moving images, that we decided to answer these questions.  We wanted to renew the page of the website that tells us, WAVE, our ABOUT page. And so we produced US.



Want to see US, our new video presentation?

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“US” and its 3 keywords

Be inspired. Be visionary. Be creative. 

We wanted to tell these concepts, these 3 “simple” keywords that guide us throughout our creative process. So we divided the video into 3 acts, each one dedicated to show and show us through each of our artistic phases.

Be inspired

WAVE draws inspiration from everything around it. The places we have visited and those we dream of reaching. Sounds, colors and of course images and movements

Another important and unavoidable great source of inspiration is and will always remain the cinema. Also in our blog we have dedicated a section that talks about cinema, called “Inspiration”: what fascinates us, film techniques, the most beautiful stories. 

We cannot explain in words the love we feel for this art, but we are sure that in the course of our lives we will be able to realize many tributes to this extraordinary world. Do you want to be part of it?

Be visionary

Process the inputs, assimilate them and reinterpret them. Create and evolve your own style, your identity, your aesthetic sense. 

Study lights, colors, geometries and symmetries. Work hard, love your work and fight for it and what you want to communicate. Listen to the eyes, the mind and finally the heart. 

So inspiration is transformed into art.

Be creative

The concept that expresses everything about what we want to convey through WAVE videos and how we communicate. 

This work has led us to live wonderful adventures and we are sure that this is only the beginning.


This is what we love to do

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