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We always knew that we wanted to create something new, and we also knew why: to enhance the time spent with the couples in order to discover, and to let others discover, new aspects of their relationship.

We wanted to find a short but also intense name for our brand, a name that had a harmonic sound, in line with our style and philosophy. And this is how the idea of WAVE was born; WAVE is the name of our brand, which works towards the realization of wedding and couple’s videos. WAVE, a journey riding on the wave of emotions.

As waves can both embrace and overwhelm you, we want to reach people’s heart and to overwhelm it by intense emotions.

Our logo is reach in interpretations: it can represent a wave, but also a reel of film (after all, who doesn’t love vintage?) and even the leap of faith that we have decided to take.

We look forward to sharing with you our adventures, but above all… we can’t wait to tell and show yours!