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The coronavirus has brought confusion and uncertainty to the wedding world. Couples, suppliers and even wedding witnesses do not know how to react to this crisis that has affected the whole world.
We write this special article dedicated to the bride and groom and wedding witnesses.
Here are our tips for how best to deal with wedding in the days of the coronavirus.

Wedding and coronavirus: tips for the bride and groom


Our first piece of advice for the couple is: don’t panic!
It seems an obvious suggestion, but unfortunately it is not so in this unique situation.
Organize or reorganize your wedding, when facing the consequences of the coronavirus, certainly is not an easy task, but we assure you that it is not impossible.

So do not feel overwhelmed and terrified, you will find that many people will help you.

Trust your wedding suppliers

The professionals you have chosen to accompany you on the most important day of your life (videomakers, photographers, wedding planners, location managers, florists…) care about your wedding as much as you do: it is their work and their greatest passion.
Don’t be afraid to confront them: ask questions, ask for clarifications or exchange opinions about the choices you will have to make in the next months of organization. They will be on the front line to help you. Many professionals are doing direct on social media dedicated to couples, you can follow them too: they will answer questions from other couples who could help you too!
We are all part of the same team: facing and organizing the wedding during the coronavirus is a challenge that together will be easier to overcome.

How to manage your guests

In a reorganization phase of the wedding, it is important that the bride and groom are not stressed by constant questions from the guests. Our advice is to create a broadcast list with all your guests and ask them to be patient and, above all, to wait for your decisions which you will communicate as soon as everything is confirmed. This way you can continue without interruption and your friends and family will also know that everything is going well.

Cancel or postpone the wedding?

A lot of couples wonder what’s best to do. For us, the answer is only one: postpone the wedding. Why give up the day that you have organized and spent so much time on in the past months?
Now more than ever it is important to celebrate the most important things: one of these is your own love story.

So when to get married?

There is no single answer to this question. First of all, it is good to wait for the news and regulations of your country, so that you do not have to do the job all over again.
In general, there are two options:

  1. The first option is to consider moving your wedding to this winter: October, November or December are months that can give great satisfaction and special characteristics to your wedding day. Why not even think about a wedding in the snow? A chalet in the mountains will warmly welcome our friends and family, creating a truly unique atmosphere.
  2. The second option in these times of coronavirus is to move the wedding to next year, in 2021. This is the solution generally preferred by couples.
    Be careful though: the weekends of 2021 are now very popular and it may happen that not all of your suppliers may be available. What to do?
    You can choose a midweek date. The people who love you will attend your wedding on whatever day it is. And this will certainly give you more chances to have your favorite professionals at your side!


I’ve set the new date: what now?

After choosing the new wedding date you can take a breath of relief. You have the certainty that the wedding will take place and you can start dreaming again about that very special day: the moment of the walk to the altar, the first dance, the celebrations with the guests…
While you are waiting to live those happy moments there are some things to accomplish.
First of all, it will be good to fix the bureaucracy: call your suppliers to correct the contracts and the various documents, so that everything is ordered and correct. If you have a wedding planner at this stage it will be of great help.
Start again to define the details of your new wedding day. Don’t worry, everything was already arranged so it’s not a question of starting from scratch!
Finally, to communicate the new date of your wedding to your guests you can choose between different solutions: a simple phone call, a video “save the new date”, or ask the graphic designer who created your invitations to make a new graphic to send to all your friends and family.

A good idea for the old date

It may be a nice idea to organize something special on the day of the first date that was chosen for the wedding. A romantic dinner or a small party with witnesses (if possible according to the active regulations). Choosing to celebrate that date in any case and in a special way, maybe with your loved ones, will allow you to live the expectation of the big day more positively. In addition, it is certainly a great idea to choose to have a beautiful and joyful memory of the wedding date that you had to move because of the coronavirus.

Dearly beloved couple, think positive and do not let yourselves be overwhelmed because…

“Love will always find a way”.

Wave video di matrimonio Giulia e Remi

How to be the perfect wedding witnesses, even with the coronavirus

The witnesses of the bride and groom in 2020 face a challenge that surely no witness before them has had to face, and they could ask themselves these questions:
“What can I do now that a virus has hit the whole world? How can I help my friends, my spouses?”
We have also reflected on their situation and below we write some tips to be the perfect wedding witnesses in a more unique than rare period like this.

What not to do

First of all it is good to remember that the best man must be a supporting figure for the bride or groom. If the couple has entrusted you with this role, it means that you have a special relationship. He trusts you with his life.
It is essential, therefore, not to betray this trust by stressing and scaring the bride and groom. This means DO NOT ask them questions every day to get news, do not show anxiety or shake them up. The couple is already facing a complicated moment, there is no need to add stress to the stress!

What to do

The best thing witnesses can do is to ask one simple question to their friends: What can I do for you?
Listening to the answer, helping and supporting the couple will really make a difference at this particular time.
Often this role also involves organizing or designing gifts and special moments on their wedding day: speeches, dedications or gifts. It will be good to pause all this and be available to the bride and groom, giving them priority.
By following these advice, witnesses will show that they care about the most important thing of all: the happiness of their friends. In this way, they will also give them the most beautiful and priceless gift.

To face as best man, bridesmaid, groom or bride everything related to the wedding during the coronavirus is something that no one had ever imagined. But don’t let it get you down: believe in relationships built with your suppliers, in the support of your friends and above all in the love of the person you are preparing to marry.
In the end, this whole story can only have a happy ending.


If you want to discuss what we have written, tell us your opinion or ask us for more information, write us on the contact page. 


The beautiful picture we used on the cover is by Ron Hicks “Un baiser volé” (a stolen kiss).

Thanks for reading!


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