Paolo and Lucia became friends of ours right away. They have got married in a beautiful location in Verona, Lessinia. A natural paradise between mountains and woods, we couldn’t have hoped for a better scenario for their wedding video.

A wedding in the middle of nature

Paolo and Lucia have lived their wedding day in joy and serenity. After the touching ceremony, Paolo brought us in an ancient monastery in the woods. Here we have filmed some emotional portrait along with Ilaria and Andrea, two very good photographers and dear friends. All of this happened while the sound of the rain was cradling us.

When you think about a wedding in Verona you immediately think about the romantic Venetian city, Juliette’s house or the Arena. This time we have discovered a very different part of Verona, the natural side of it. It’s been a very beautiful experience for us. We’re honored we’ve been called to make this wedding video in Lessinia: a special location for a special couple.

Thank you Paolo and Lucia!


“LOVE AGAIN” – Wedding in Lessinia, Verona | Watch the video