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Sun, rain, wind and joy. An intense day for the celebration of a special love story.

Paolo and Lucia immediately became our friends. They got married in a beautiful area of Verona, the “Lessinia“. A natural paradise between mountains and woods, we could not have hoped for a better scenario for their wedding video in Verona.

The atmosphere of their video is elegant and emotional. Initially you can feel the bride and groom’s nervousness as they wait to get to the altar. Once they have met, you are overwhelmed by their sweetness. Everything is framed by the breathtaking views and the beautiful nature of Lessinia, in Verona.

Wedding video in Verona… in a different location

Paolo and Lucia lived their wedding day with serenity and joy.

After the touching ceremony, Paolo took us to an ancient monastery in the woods, where we made exciting portrait scenes as we were lulled by the sound of rain. All this, also accompanied by Ilaria and Andrea, two dear photographer friends.

Usually, when you think of a wedding in Verona you imagine the romantic city, its historical centre, Juliet’s house or the beautiful Arena. This time we discovered a different part of Verona, more naturalistic and perfect for two nature lovers like Paolo and Lucia. They chose to get married in their special place, in the place where they felt at home.

For us it was a really beautiful experience, which we hope to repeat soon. We are honored to have been called to make this wedding video in Lessinia: a wild and unusual location for a couple we loved.

Thanks Paolo and Lucia for this beautiful adventure!