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How do we create a wedding video for a couple who wants to celebrate their most special day? Every single wedding film we create is the result of a long and accurate process that starts from the pre-production step, that means the step before the wedding day, up to the final delivery of the video.

Beauty and emotions for a very special video

By combining beauty and emotions in the scenes of the wedding video of a couple in love makes it even more complete.
At WAVE we don’t want to simply show what happened during the ceremony: what we love to do is celebrate a love story with its peculiarities and characteristics. We don’t focus exclusively on the wedding day, but we go to meet the couple in front of us and make a film and art video for them. We film the most important, emotional and beautiful moments thanks to frames and scenes that are aesthetically and qualitatively planned.
It’s important to choose your own video style carefully so that the final work will be exactly as you imagined it… if not better!

How we realize your wedding video - WAVE

An excellent professional video thanks to filming techniques and quality

Filming techniques and image quality are fundamental features for a wedding film. This is why it’s so important to entrust your wedding film to a professional videomaker.
In order to have great results, you need to use the best equipment, and this is also true for videomakers. We take great care of the equipment we use to film and record the audio on the wedding day and regularly check everything. In this way we make sure that cameras, lenses, stabilizers and recorders (to name a few) can guarantee great performance and best results.

In addition to the maintenance, it’s fundamental to know exactly how to use the equipment and exactly how everything works in order to use it at best and have excellent films: this is the recipe for excellent wedding videos!

Video for your wedding: our inspiration

Not only do you need professional equipment, but you also need a trained eye and… the right inspiration.
Experience allows you to instinctively know what the best way is to film a scene, how to obtain great results from a technical point of view and how to avoid unforeseen events. For instance,
he postproduction and editing of an audio track is a longer process than recording a speech in an optimal way during the filming.
Not only the experience in videomaking but also getting inspiration, is very important to us. Our favorite inspiration source is, obviously, the cinema.
Frames, lights, colors, the atmospheres and the stories that are told and the way in which they are told… This is the world that drives us to improve our work, to find new ideas and aim even higher. The cinema gives us energy and makes us want to tell your stories in the best way possible and thereby, creating truly unique wedding videos: just like every love story.

WAVE: how we create your destination wedding video

Your wedding video in 3 steps

Before the Big Day

The work of the video maker starts long before the day of the ceremony. We want to get to know the bride and groom and talk to them, find out what their tastes and passions are, how they imagine their Big Day and what they expect. The more information we get, the better we can align our filming and editing style with the couple’s preferences, in order to obtain a really unique wedding video!
It’s important for us to have all the information to create a custom-made wedding or elopement film. For this reason, we offer a service for those who want a video-telling of their whole love story, with a couple shooting session before the ceremony day, filming on different days before or after the wedding, which will be integrated into the final video during the editing step.
We also need to know how the day will develop: will there be any particular moments? Speeches? Performances? This helps us to be more prepared and to pay even more attention to all the detail.

The Wedding Day

The most important step is the Wedding Day, when we start filming. Our password is “dynamism”: during the wedding, we are constantly looking for the best of the best. We are discreet during the most private moments, but focused on catching every beautiful aspect of your special day.
We take particular care of some very important moments, such as the couple portraits: the bride and the groom treat themselves to a little time together when we can film some delicate, intimate and celebratory scenes of their love. A wedding video without the bride and groom would make no sense indeed!
We love to film not only the spouses but also the speeches of the guests and relatives and all those moments when the guests express their love: toasts, hugs, wishes and the party. Last but not least, the environment, the wedding location. It doesn’t matter what kind of wedding we are taking part of, we love to exalt the location where the wedding is taking place: this is our way to give an extra touch to the wedding video. Nature, the villas, the frescos: everything could be the perfect frame for your wedding film.

The magic happens during the editing step

After the wedding, we take care first of all to make copies of all the filmed material: this is the most precious thing we have.
Then during the editing everything takes shape. Images, sounds, voices, colours, music: all the elements melt together and give life to something unique. We always look for the right mix of energy and emotions, dynamism and solemnity, trying to steer clear from the ordinary.
The music of the wedding video creates an evocative soundtrack, planned perfectly to exalt the feelings and emotions of that special day: the waiting, excitement, joy, love, fun. Once this step is finished, we always choose the most environmentally friendly option to deliver our video virtually, ensuring greater security. Whatever happens, wherever our spouses are, they’ll be able to watch their video every time they want to by simply using their personal link and password.


How do we create your wedding video then? With passion, originality and emotion, taking inspiration from our greatest passion, the cinema.
We always try to put ourselves in their shoes to best understand their needs. In this way we offer the best solutions and ideas thanks to our experience and to our passion for this job, to ensure a really special result.

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