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Choosing a wedding videographer is always a good idea, it is one of the most important days of your life after all. With a wedding video, all the emotions, beauty and precious moments come together in a unique and unforgettable wedding memory.


A special and lasting memory shot by your wedding videographer

Perhaps consider: “Never forget what is most important to you: special moments shared with your loved ones”. By hiring a wedding photographer and videographer you can be sure that the precious memories of your wedding day will never be forgotten.

Wedding photographs can transform captured moments into paintings you can keep at home, into precious photo albums, or they can be shared with friends and family.

Because of its uniqueness, a wedding video is as special as it is different from photographs.

1. Wedding video = memories in movement

Warm hugs exchanged with the guests, the petals and rice thrown into the air after the ceremony, the waves of the wedding dress in the wind: your wedding images are characterized by their dynamic nature and that’s what makes them even more beautiful. The video gathers all these scenes together and transforms them into a short film that tells the story of the best moments of your wedding day. The skillful work of the wedding videographer allows you to relive these moments, from the dressing to the first dance, in a wedding documentary.

2. The voices of our beloved

One of the most unique and special characteristics of wedding video storytelling is the chance to immortalize people’s voices. The moving vows made during the ceremony, a relative’s dedication, touching and funny speeches of the guests and friends are taken by the videographer and put into the final film, making it even more precious and personal.

3. The music amplifies the emotions

During the post-production phase, the videographer can amplify the emotions experienced on the wedding day. How does he do this? Thanks to the power of music. The mood and the atmosphere that characterized the wedding can be brought out by editing the video and choosing the matching soundtrack: this makes the video clip even more beautiful and touching.

4. A different perspective of your wedding day

Thanks to the wedding videographer you have the chance to see your own wedding day from a different point of view, through the eyes and creativity of someone who was able to catch a particular moment you lost because you were busy somewhere else.

The wedding film should be a quality story that focuses on the most important aspects: it exalts all the displays of affection and gesture of love made by the spouses and their guests on such a special day. It shows the best of a wedding through an emotional and aesthetic point of view: important moments taken by high-quality filming guarantees an excellent result.

WAVE Destination wedding video


The wedding videographer creates the film of a wonderful story: yours.

Having the chance to capture all the special moments of this important day on film and being able to relive them for the rest of your life is a precious value of having a wedding video.

How can a wedding videographer aim even higher? By paying attention to the story.

The love story is the undisputed protagonist of the wedding film, hence the videographer’s favourite subject. The film wants to celebrate a special day but can also show everything that binds the couple together through an artistic and emotional language. A professional videographer can do this by filming moments before or after the wedding day, real-life “extra scenes” that show the couple sharing their passions and living their love story daily: these scenes are than edited together with the wedding scenes.

All this creates a real complete and intimate video story telling. The videographer of a couple who loves nature and adventure can take some shoots in spectacular naturalistic locations. Or he can film some scenes during the visit of a city, museums, or hidden corners if the couple loves travelling and discovering.

To create even more special and one-of-a-kind films we wanted to create some additional-wedding material in order to celebrate the spouses: this is why we decided to offer services that include couple filming in particular and unique locations, chosen together. We call these services the Harmony package and the Experience package.


Who are these wedding films for?

For those couples who love the world of cinema and of audio-video, who appreciate the study of the framing, use of lighting, editing and everything that is needed to create a special video.

Couples who are looking for quality, aesthetic and emotions, the perfect balance for a perfect memory of their wedding and their love story. Thanks to the work of a passionate and creative videographer not only will your wedding day be filmed and remembered, but it will also be celebrated, exalted and wisely told. With a videographer at their side, the only thing spouses will need to think about is to fully enjoy their special day.

So, when is hiring a videographer for your wedding the right choice?

You should choose a wedding videographer if you want a unique and inimitable memory that lasts forever, if you want to relive that day from a new perspective, if you don’t want to miss the chance to listen to the vows, the dedications and the best wishes of your loved ones as often as you want.
We think that each love story deserves to be told: what better solution than doing this through a wedding video?


Wedding video making is the job we love, what we are and what makes us happy. If you are interested in seeing some more, take a look at our work here.

Thanks for reading!


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