“Don’t you know what kind of love I love? I love like the sea loves the shore: gently and furiously”.


Federico De Roberto

We love travelling the world to experience and recount a different adventure every time; your adventure.

WAVE Wedding videographers


We are Alessandra and Simone and we are a couple of young videographers in love with art and cinema, and together we created Wave.

Wave is a journey on the wave of emotions and passion that make two lovers’ hearts speak to each other. Like the sailor looks at the sea interpreting the waves and the direction of the currents, we love exploring the mysterious and powerful geography of feelings that characterizes every couple to capture its energy, vibrations and harmony.

Our journey will take us on a priceless and unforgettable adventure in which we sound out the deepest and most authentic connections that link you one to the other and discover the fascinating rainbow of your personalities. Together we will give life to new and moving interpretations of your love story.

Slide WAVE review Toronto elopement "Wave Film is an amazing artistic duo. If you're looking for videography that will take your breath away, look no further. They are incredibly skilled and such visionaries. Also, super easy to work with and quick at what they do. Would def recommend for any couples looking at recording their special moments." Skilled and visionaries Slide WAVE recensioni Toscana "A team of special people who gently accompanied us throughout our wedding to give us an exciting, surprising and romantic video." Exciting and surprising Slide WAVE recensioni Vicenza "Our wedding trailer is really amazing. We loved every choice you made in the video. The soundtrack, our wedding promises and the very skilful editing made exactly the idea of what that day was like and what it meant to us. We identified ourselves in this video. You really respected, or even exceeded, my already high expectations." Beyond expectations Slide WAVE recensione Marrakech "Alessandra and Simone accompanied us during an elopement in Marrakech, creating a video of our journey. It is simply breathtaking. Thank you guys." Breathtaking

Destination Wedding Videographers in Italy and all over the world

We travel all over the world, from Europe to USA, to tell authentic and original tales, stories that enhance the unique aspects of a couple and their affinity through spontaneous, intense and evocative narration. We take our inspiration from all the arts, from the surrounding landscape and from each single fragment of beauty and poetry our eyes take in. Your most meaningful smiles, looks and gestures are captured by our camera to weave an attractive and captivating tale. We enhance our films with special lighting and shots, dynamic editing, a voice over and refined sound effects that enrich our melody with unique and evocative notes.

Wave video di matrimonio

Destination wedding video

Our videos don’t just record the most important moments of your wedding. You will be stunned by a narration that depicts the ceremony from an intimate and tender perspective.

WAVE elopement Toronto

Elopement video

Every love story is a small universe of emotions, feelings and experiences to be discovered.Our portraits will enhance the invisible connections that link
your souls.

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