Alessandra & Simone

Hi, we are Ale and Simo,
nice to meet you!

We are a couple of young filmmakers who live in Italy, and we share our love and passion for creating elopement and wedding videos.

Our story began in high school. We have been good friends for years: Simo initiated Ale to the Lord of the Rings saga. Since then, our passion for watching every kind of movies has definitely degenerated: we couldn’t count the number of movies we’ve seen together. Ale likes very much Horror and Thriller movies, Simone… just loves movies!

At the end of school we fell in love and since then we have never been apart. Right after graduation, we started working together. This helped us grow, although it wasn’t always easy. We shared many experiences and many trips: Kenya, Morocco, Canada, France, England and many cities in Italy. Seeing the world together is beautiful and an amazing source of inspiration. We will never get tired of this. In fact, we love travelling to beautiful places that are the backdrop for your vows and we love experiencing this unforgettable event with you. We’re happy when the couples we work with become friends, and fortunately that happens a lot. We believe that a deep connection helps us make their film truly unique and personal.

Ale is also a screenwriter and director, Simo (a film technology nerd) is a director and cinematographer. We love to tell stories through our favorite language, and we would be honored to tell yours as well.

Wave is a journey on the wave of emotions and passion that make two lovers’ hearts speak to each other. Like the sailor looks at the sea interpreting the waves, the direction of the currents and the rhythm of the tide, we love exploring the delicate, mysterious and powerful geography of feelings that characterizes every couple to capture its energy, vibrations and harmony.

Which kind of story do you film?

We film elopement, destination weddings, couple shooting, weddings, before/after wedding, honeymoon, travel, intimate weddings, vow renewals,  intimate session, adventures.

How long have you been doing this?

We fell in love in 2015 during high school, and we started immediately to work together. We grew up together and we evolved our style over the years. We have met many people and we heard and filmed their stories, we look forward to meeting new ones.

Which are the WAVE EXPERIENCE services?

2 camera operators, 8-12 hours coverage on the wedding day, before/after wedding couple shooting, 2 edited shortfilms, drone, extra hours, full footage in external hard disk, couple shooting photo session.

Why did you choose to work in a cinematic style?

That’s easy: it’s our language, it’s what we love the most. We dream of working in the movie industry: Alessandra is also a screenwriter and a director, Simone is a nerd, in love with movie technology. He is a Director of photography and a director too. If you love watching movies, be prepared: we can talk about it together for hours.

Where do you produce your wedding films?

We are based in Italy but we’re happy to visit new countries and discover new landscapes to your wedding vows. We work all over the world.

How do we book you?

First of all, we would like to meet you: we can schedule a call or a coffee together (why not a pizza?) if we are close enough. To do so you can write us an email at info@wavefilmakers.com or fill our contact form on the contacts page. Then we can start to plan your unique wedding or elopement film together.

The moment
when we chose
as our name

Simone is driving on a road outside the city. Alessandra is
sitting next to him, looking outside the window. The sunset light
is creating bright and warm reflects inside the car.

I've been thinking about this all day. Why does it have to be so hard to find?

I don’t know, but you must be patient.

It needs to live up to what we dream of doing.
It must create the right atmosphere–

–Wait! What about WAVE?

Silence settles over the car for a few moments. The sound of the
engine plays in the background.


Yes, WAVE. What do you think about it?

I love it!

Ale and Simo look at each other and smile happily.

How come ideas always come in strange places, like the car or the shower?

I don’t know but sincerely now I don’t care!

Ale and Simo loungt.