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Making the video of an Elopement in Tuscany is the secret dream of every wedding videographer. Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, is characterized by a region that many married couples choose as the location to celebrate their wedding: we are talking about the beautiful and romantic Tuscany. Tommaso and Ilaria have decided to live their special moment in their homeland, and we are about to tell you about their little-great adventure.


What is an elopement?

Leaving for an Elopement is perhaps one of the most intense ways to say “I love you“.

The Elopement is an intimate wedding, a moment shared only by the couple who choose to live this adventure together. It is a romantic getaway, which often leads to symbolic ceremonies in breathtaking locations. From snow-covered mountains to forests, from natural expanses to large metropolises: each couple can choose the destination they prefer, according to their inclinations, passions, preferences.

Couples who decide to leave for an Elopement can decide to go to the other side of the world or stay close to home: distance is not a fundamental element. The most important characteristic of these intimate weddings, in fact, is the love story, the adventure that the couple decides to share. For us, an Elopement is the celebration of an adventurous and energetic, intense and courageous love. Italy has always been one of the favorite destinations for Elopement and Destination wedding couples from all over the world. The location that is first in the ranking? Tuscany.


The story of Ilaria and Tommaso: how they organized their Elopement in Tuscany

Last summer we made the video of the Elopement of Ilaria and Tommaso, a young couple living in Italy. They are so in love with their land that they decided not to go far away and to organize a symbolic ceremony in Tuscany.

Many times the bride and groom who decide to leave for an Elopement need some organizational help. For this reason, they use a wedding planner or a professional figure professionally prepared to organize this kind of ceremony. Another important aspect is the language, especially when you decide to go to a foreign country. Contacting an interpreter who helps the couple by acting as an intermediary is always a great help on these occasions.

In our case, Ilaria and Tommaso didn’t have any bureaucratic or linguistic problems, we only gave them help in the organizational phase: we discussed a lot about the choice of the location for the ceremony or the portraits of the couple. We talked about their wedding video, their expectations and listened to their story. And so a beautiful friendship was born. After the fundamental choice of location, they thought about the photographer, florist, makeup artist and all the little details. Now the only thing to do was to wait for their special day.  


The day long awaited

Ilaria and Tommaso had spent the day before the ceremony relaxing in the beautiful location of Castellare di Tonda, in the province of Florence.

The morning of Elopement Day started early. While we, together with the photographers, descended towards the beautiful region of Tuscany, the bride and groom began to prepare their ceremonial dresses, the bouquet and the beautiful crown of flowers made by Bottega di Flo. Then Ilaria dedicated herself to hairstyle and make-up, thanks to the expert hands of Patrizia, a very talented make-up artist who works all over Italy.

After finally arriving at the location and saying goodbye to everyone warmly, the emotion began to make itself felt. The couple momentarily split up to transcribe the poems they had chosen as their vows for the symbolic ceremony, in a beautiful leather notebook with rough cream-colored pages. The moment of dressing took place in an emotional and intimate atmosphere, while the couple prepared for the long-awaited moment of the ceremony.

And finally, we left.

The bride and groom read their vows in the shade of an isolated olive tree on top of a hill: “I will make my soul a treasure chest for your soul, my heart a home for your beauty“.

It is difficult to describe in words the feelings of that precise moment, so we let their video speak for us. Finally, it’s time for the couple shooting: we couldn’t wait to dedicate ourselves to making some footage that could celebrate the special day of such a beautiful and close-knit couple. The location was really wonderful: we enjoyed a beautiful sunset in the Tuscan hills kissed by the golden and red sunlight. We couldn’t have asked for more. An Elopement in Tuscany always manages to give the couple (and us who accompany them) truly unique emotions.


Why this Elopement in Tuscany was special

It’s amazing how many feelings an experience like this can give.

The intimate ceremony of Ilaria and Tommaso was really special for us. In fact, it was our first Elopement in Tuscany and this adventure confirmed once again how much we love our work, so artistic and creative.

The wedding video we made for them was the result of a beautiful journey, a journey full of special moments immortalized, overwhelming emotions and the birth of new friendships. The atmosphere of the video is solemn and intimate and wants to celebrate the powerful and passionate love of a truly united couple.

To conclude our story, we share with you the video of Ilaria and Tommaso’s adventure: Soul, the story of a very special Elopement in Tuscany.  


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SOUL – Tuscany elopement video


Video: Wave Wedding Videographers

Photography: Ilaria e Andrea

Location: Castellare di Tonda

Hair and Make-up: Wedding makeup in Italy

Flowers: La bottega di Flo

Thank you for reading!