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We are now at the end of 2020, a year that has proved truly unique, absurd, and certainly unexpected. 2020 has been a year full of challenges and it has taught each and every one of us something. Almost as a joke, we imagined what we would say to Alessandra and Simone of the past about the beginning of 2020 if time travel was not just fantasy.
And so the idea of writing this letter was born: we dedicate it to us of the past, to find the right energy to face the future.

“Dear Alessandra and Simone,
This year will be an important and perhaps decisive year for you.
You will spend a lot of time separately but we assure you that this adventure will unite you even more. You will realize how beautiful your everyday life is as you know it, made up of evenings with friends, going out to the movies, walking in the old town centers, and you will look forward to it.
You will appreciate even more the time shared with your family and the people you love.
Take advantage of this unusual year to train your elasticity and interchangeability in your work, because you will realize that not everything is immovable or invariable. You will discover the encouragement of the community working in the wedding industry, which will create a great support network: it’s nice to be part of this group.
It will not be an easy year but you will realize that you are stronger than you imagine and try to find the positive in every situation. Train yourself in this to flourish again even if around you it will seem to have only burnt land.
We hope you always start strong and aim high, because we are confident that it will be worth it.
Happy New Year,

Ale e Simo

PS: We recommend you to make as many outings, trips, visits as possible before March! 

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