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Leaving for a destination wedding in Italy is really a good idea, thanks also to the many locations that are present in this country. In Italy, in fact, you can find some of the best destinations for a dream wedding: wild mountains, beautiful villas full of art and frescoes, expanses of golden hills, crystal clear sea, cities rich of history … The Italian peninsula has been for several years one of the most popular destinations for couples from around the world to celebrate their special day. This is because it is a rich and varied land, which is close to the tastes of all people: lovers of art, history, nature, good food, good life …
In our opinion, these are the best locations for a destination wedding in Italy.

1. A wild destination wedding in the Italian Dolomites

Let’s start talking about the Dolomites, the wildest location for a destination wedding in Italy.
The Dolomites are a group of mountains, also called “Monti pallidi”, in the north of the country. They have been declared World Heritage Site for the natural value they have and for their beauty. The forests, the animals, the breathtaking landscapes make this territory enchanting, which makes anyone lucky enough to visit it fall in love.
The environment in the Dolomites is really suggestive, whether it is the summer season, lush and full of green plants and blue sky, or the winter season when snow covers the summits and valleys with its white coat.
A wedding in the middle of the woods, surrounded by trees and scented plants, is the dream of all nature lovers. A dream that can be enriched thanks to the excellent typical mountain food and the breathtaking excursions that can be made to discover this territory. Another positive note? In these wild places, you can make some really wonderful couple shooting, which will enrich the wedding album and the wedding video. Do you want to see an example of a wedding video with scenes shot at dawn in the Dolomites? Click here!
This is a very suitable destination also for an elopement. This is a really intimate wedding, which sees exclusively the couple as the protagonist of the celebration of their wedding, all in a wild and beautiful location.

WAVE Shooting Dolomites Italy

2. The famous Amalfi Coast and Capri Island

The most famous location for a destination wedding in Italy is definitely the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri. Couples from all over Italy and the world dream of getting married with the famous view of Amalfi overlooking the sea. The perfume of citrus fruits and the typical white and blue ceramics help to create one of the most refined and elegant typical Italian atmospheres. The sea view terraces and the roofs adorned with climbing plants and colorful flowers are perfect to host an aperitif, a dinner, a ceremony or even a dressing. Another good reason to choose the Amalfi Coast as a destination for the wedding ceremony is the climate and the excellent food. The warmth and flavors of the dishes, from the simplest to the most refined, help to make your wedding day a great and joyful celebration, whether it is a big wedding or an intimate ceremony. The Amalfi Coast is never a wrong choice.

3. Tuscany and its golden hills

Last year we were lucky enough to film an elopement in Tuscany, the ceremony took place in the shade of an olive tree and the shooting among the hills. It was really a magical experience!
In fact, Tuscany has been considered for more than two years the preferred location for spouses who choose to do a destination wedding in Italy.
What is most fascinating about this land is its rural landscape. The medieval villages and isolated villas in the middle of the Tuscan hills are constantly illuminated by the warm light of the sun. Often you can enjoy wonderful sunsets in these places. These are, in our opinion, some of the most romantic locations that exist.
A wedding ceremony in Tuscany is often characterized by a familiar and welcoming atmosphere: intimate churches, wheat fields, lights hanging on the trees, horizons that become unique backgrounds for wedding videos.
Tuscan cities are also very ideal for a wedding ceremony in Italy. From Pisa to Florence, the art of the great ancient Italian masters fills these historic cities. Strolls along the old town centres always offer new views, to discover all the hidden corners of these places so full of life.

Destination wedding Tuscany WAVE

4. Umbria, the heart of Italy

Like Tuscany, Umbria has a great rural charm. Among the most sought-after locations for the bride and groom for their big day, abbeys are definitely in the first place. These are locations so well cared for and unique of their kind. Inside these places, you can enjoy the persistent beauty still from another era. A wedding in Umbria, celebrated in such special locations, is certainly very romantic and elegant.
Many Umbrian villas fascinate married couples, Italian or not, to this region who then choose as destination for their wedding. In fact, these villas are characterized by imposing stone structures, arches, vaults, view of an architectural beauty that impresses those who look at them. Often these villas blend together luxuriant and beautiful gardens with classical statues, creating a truly precious setting.

5. Destination wedding in Como or Lake garda

Lombardy is also a region full of very beautiful locations for a wedding ceremony.
In fact, on Lake Como and Lake Garda, there are many villas that look out over the lakes, with wonderful terraces on the water that gives a truly refined and romantic atmosphere. When you get married in these particular villas, a boat trip on the lake is a must, a tradition now typical of this area to photograph and film the bride and groom in a truly unique moment. Even if they are not very famous, the interior of the Lombard region is also home to cottages, villas or ex-convents that in recent times are very popular with the newlyweds as a location for their wedding.

6. Veneto, from Venice to the noble villas

If a couple is looking for a place in Italy where they can organize a destination wedding with a classic, elegant and luxurious atmosphere, Veneto is the region for them.
One of the most incredible destinations is certainly Venice, the ancient city on the water. The peculiarities of this city have always fascinated people from all over the world: the gondolas and gondoliers singing classic Italian songs, or the “calle” and the endless avenues that run through the city, next to the typical canals where we can find many colorful boats. These places far from tourists are perfect for intimate walks hand in hand.
Many destination wedding in Italy are celebrated in Venice, in luxurious hotels on the Canal Grande or in other elegant and refined locations. And a visit to St Mark’s Square is a must!
Another type of destination for the ceremony of two lovers are the fabulous Venetian villas. Large residences enriched by wonderful artistic decorations, such as paintings, statues, frescoes. The parks of these villas are usually very large and characterized by fountains, tree-lined avenues (where you can set up large imperial tables for all guests), flowerbeds full of flowers, or groves. These villas are also an excellent choice for a real dream wedding.

7. Rome, the eternal city

In our opinion, Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world! And it is also one of the oldest cities. On the streets of Rome many civilizations were born and evolved, changing the history of Italy, Europe and man. Art began to develop many years ago in this great city and every corner of it shows this. Everywhere you walk along the Roman streets you can find many fragments of art around the city: huge historical buildings, statues in green parks, the ruins of the Roman Empire (from the Colosseum to the Roman Forum, from the ruins of the stadium to the squares). There are also large fountains sculpted with incredible skill, for example the beautiful Trevi Fountain (also made famous by the movie “La dolce vita” by Federico Fellini), where wishes come true.
Another great treasure of this city is the religious art, which includes churches, domes and imposing basilicas and numerous museums. The museums that house the masterpieces of art created by world famous masters, from Michelangelo to Bernini, where you can lose yourself for hours watching and dreaming.
This incredible city that has risen on its 7 ancient hills, is definitely the perfect location for the destination wedding of a couple who love culture and beauty. And obviously of art lovers.

(Colosseum, photo by Francesca Angrisano)

8. The lands and the coast of Puglia

The last destination for a wedding that we write, but certainly not for importance, is Puglia.  A truly unique Italian region, which does not leave those who visit it indifferent. This region is wanted by those who want the sea as a backdrop for their ceremony, organizing weddings on the beach, near unique sea caves, or celebrating among the Trulli lit by lights and candles. The hinterland of Apulia is also very suggestive. The weddings in the old “masserie“, in fact, are really very romantic and give a welcoming and homely atmosphere to the party. These old farms are often surrounded by expanses of fields and rows of olive trees and vines, a typical Italian landscape, and sometimes they are self-producers of excellent food and wine.

Salento is also a really perfect area for a wedding ceremony, thanks to its fascinating cliffs overlooking the crystal clear sea.

9. Some of the most beautiful locations for a Destination Wedding in Italy

As we have seen, Italy is truly a country rich in history, culture, breathtaking views and wonderful locations for the celebration of a wedding. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful locations in the areas we have talked about in this article (there are actually hundreds of wonderful locations, but we had to choose a small number for each area).

We are convinced that as long as our beautiful country is so rich in beauty, many couples will continue to come to realize their dream: a destination wedding in Italy.


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