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“How can I choose the best videographer for my wedding in Italy?”
We are sure that many couples will ask this question at the beginning of the organization of their destination wedding in Italy. Before starting to read the advice that we have enclosed in a list for you, we believe it is important to make a premise: there is no such thing as the “perfect wedding videographer at all”. Surely there is the perfect one for you!
At some point in your search, you will find someone who will have the right combination of style, aesthetics, emotional sense, and many other features that will make you say: “Here it is. I found the best wedding videographer for me!”
So let’s start with our 6 tips to choose the best wedding videographer in Italy.

1. Our first advice: YOU choose

For some people this may be a foregone conclusion, but for us it is not so. It is important that, in order for a videographer to be the right one for your wedding, you choose him or her, because no one knows you better than yourself. So it is right to confront the wedding planner or friends, listen to their opinions and experiences, but the wedding you are going to celebrate will be yours, and the videographer must be able to tell your story: you decide how you want it to be told.

How to choose the best wedding videographer in Itali WAVE FILMMAKERS

2. To choose the best wedding videographer in Italy, start the search now

Finding the perfect videographer for your event will be the result of a passionate search. It would be a shame if once you found him or her, he or she could not work with you because they are already engaged in another marriage, right?
That’s why we advise you to start your search as soon as possible. But the fact that you are reading this article makes us understand that you have already started 😉
Frequently the best wedding videographers participate in a few events a year, in order to maintain a high standard of wedding film quality. Also, for this reason, it is good to find them and contact them in time.

3. Train your eyes

Watch many wedding videos. This will help you better identify the features of a great videographer. It will help you understand the different styles of shooting and editing, from the most reportage to the most cinematic and artistic (our favorite), and above all understand which one is the most suitable for you. Train your eyes but remember to listen to your heart: this will always inspire you to make the perfect choice for you.

4. Look up multiple sources of information

Google, Safari, Websites, Instagram, Vimeo, use multiple portals and multiple platforms to search for your wedding videographer. Having more sources of information increases your chances of finding what you are looking for and will give you a clearer idea about a videomaker that has impressed you.
For example, our Vimeo profile is richer with wedding videos, but our website presents us and describes in detail our style and what we can do for you, which is also what we love to do.

5. Professionality is the keyword to choose the best wedding videographer in Italy

As for all the other aspects of a destination wedding in Italy, also for the choice of the best videographer the first thing to look at is whether it is a professional or an amateur.
Such an important event often requires certain experience, both from a stylistic and technical point of view, and even bureaucratic and legal.
A professional will already know how to behave during the wedding, knows what he needs and how best to show your love story.
A professional videographer will give you a contract to sign, to protect you both and so that there are no unpleasant misunderstandings during the organization of the service.
Usually a professional videographer is licensed to fly the drone or relies on a professional colleague.
From the first look at the website of a videomaker you can check if he is a professional videographer and not just an enthusiast: look in the footer of the website for the VAT number. This will give you the first proof of professionalism, but do not limit yourself to this one!

How to choose your best wedding videographer in Italy and in the world WAVE FILMMAKERS

6. Expand the range

Don’t just look among the videomakers living in the area where you are getting married. Italy is a country where in every region you can be enchanted by beauty and it is quite easy to move around. In fact, you will find that the best wedding videographers can’t wait to travel to tell new love stories and discover new corners of the world. On the other hand, creativity and dreams take us so far away.

The process of choosing the best wedding videographer for your event in Italy must be guided by careful reasoning but above all by your heart so that your film is the maximum exaltation of the most important adventure of your life.
When there is harmony between the bride and groom and videomaker, the wedding film will be more special and personal, as well as exciting.
We invite you to read the kind words written by the couples with which we had the pleasure to live these magical moments.

We wish you with all our heart to live them as soon as possible!

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